Expansive beauty. I love storms and weather and clouds.

I love all of nature really, but what I like about the weather is is totally non-pliable (that’s the best word I can come up with, other suggestions welcomed). Meaning, what other tangible things are totally out of our control? Not wild animals, we can lure them with treats, water can be dammed (that sounds funny ;-D), trees can be cut, people can be ruled, etc. But the weather? I can’t think of anything. I am totally at the mercy of whatever the weather wants to do. I think that is pretty darn cool, and that is why I try to take every good cloud opportunity to go shoot them. Every second is a different picture, from every view. I am grateful I get to see them.  And I am grateful for gray days too, so I can do other things.

This is still from the Best Storm Yet.

It is taking me longer to get the whole storm blogged, it’s been so beautiful outside. Keep looking up!

5 thoughts on “Expanse

  1. The amazing show brought to you and me and all of us by Nature! Gaia! Another fantastic almost other-worldly beauty we all share! Thanks for the picture of this moment in the sky 🙂

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