Time flies, even if you aren’t sure what you’ve been doing.

My last post was surprisingly a long time ago, the end of May. Whoops! Yes, school is out and I am having lots of fun with my kids. Yes, it is easier to sit at the computer when it isn’t beautiful out. Yes, my computer needs to be fully erased and restarted to function unlike a sloth in honey, but jeesh! I would think I could stay a little more on task. Oh well…..I won’t beat myself up over me being me~~~ 😉

My local favorite camera shop (Midwest Photo Exchange) holds photo contests, the last one was a macro contest. Their hope is to challenge people to try something new. I love macro photography, but it is tricky! Even with my super fabulous camera, tripod, and macro lens, I had to work hard at getting a couple of shots I liked. My face got tired from trying to manually focus on the paint. I guess practice makes perfect, but the myriad of nuances that make or break a macro shot are many! This is the one I submitted to their contest.

2 thoughts on “Time flies, even if you aren’t sure what you’ve been doing.

  1. Very coolio! I had never heard of Macro Photography prior to your post! Thanks for the info! And your submission is beautiful! I thought it was a field or something I see out the airplane window when I fly. 🙂 Very nice!

    • Thank you thank you!! The theory is that all things large are small and vice versa…right? Haha, or not.

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