Dropped like a hot potato

Last night while my kids and I were watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, the color outside begins to look warm and gorgeous. So I poke my head out the front door and WOW! Another amazing sunset and I am trapped and surrounded by huge trees……argh. So, I run back in and grab my camera and the kids and race to go get a great view. This photo is from the drive to get “there”, but by the time we got “there”, the sun had dropped like a hot potato. My son thought that was a funny saying and needed explanation.

I would love to live in a home with a view. Mountain, hill, expansive flatlands, lake, ocean, any will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my view of the trees and nature, and the included privacy, but I get such a thrill from the sky, I dream of a day with a view.

I have searched intensely for the best spot to see the the sky and sunset around my home, the closest I can find being a minimum of a 20 minute drive and then some walking on top of that. So, many times the clouds are totally different or too much time has passed. Oh well. Maybe the chase is part of the fun?

Maybe I can find a place with a view in the back and trees in the front. That works for me! 😉

7 thoughts on “Dropped like a hot potato

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  2. The sunrise is a bit slower…darkness, then the clouds begin to brighten and change color…lighter, lighter, changing…once the sun appears it still takes until it is fully up before the clouds turn into the color of daytime…start to finish..about 25 minutes….OHHHH….thank you so much for following my photos…very much appreciated Miss Christie

    • I keep wanting to get up and enjoy the sunrise. I have even set my alarm for it. Somehow (haha) it doesn’t happen. I love the morning, just after the sun has made it’s light. I’ve gotten up many way too times before the sun, just never with the intent of watching it. Someday. Thanks for posting your photos and liking mine. 😉

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