Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I just saw the “Weekly Challenge” on The Daily Post at WordPress.com. FUN! I also see the “post a day” and “post a week” challenges. Gosh, for a world-class procrastinator and daydreaming free spirit, throw in a little ADD, and that is a true challenge! I can try, it’s not like I will get fired…

So here is my “Purple Photo” with glorious shades of purples, pinks and various blendings of both. Pink and purple were my 2 favorite colors when I was little. Then it was the cool blues, greens, and turquoise, then of course BlACK (too cool in art school, right? Ha ha). Now I love every color, especially vibrant ones, and the more the merrier!!! My kids joke that Spongebob’s favorite color is beige. I could pass on beige, though.

Speaking of my kids: Halloween in 2011 had a certain purple theme going on. My daughter was an Amethyst, and my son was The Joker. So I just couldn’t resist adding it to the Weekly Challenge of Purple. I love my front door’s color too. It was beige, no joke.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. Hey..I am a cloud lover too! for 2 years I posted cloud of the day on facebook. And I do believe i am a member of cloud appreciation.org Also, have posted on clouds 365. Taa…Daa… Wish I needed a sock to hang on the door.

    • I find that blogging really brings like minds together! Cloud a day- LOVE IT! And ha ha ha, ditto on the door sock. 😉

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