Love Comes Naturally

We got to see this beautiful, sweet baby boy cow born yesterday. He needed a little assistance from the vet since many people were surrounding the mother. I can only imaging that is a bit distracting. The vet said she would have been fine alone, but with all the commotion she stood up after almost delivering him, creating a bit of an unnatural situation. But with a little help, out he came, then his mom immediately tended to his wellbeing, licking and loving him. He nuzzled her back and the love was just so sweet and beautiful. It was by far the best part of the day. Miracles happen every day. I don’t know his name yet. Maybe it is Augustus? I know the mother loved her baby. I know I fell in love with him.


3 thoughts on “Love Comes Naturally

  1. These pictures are truly beautiful! The calf is so lovely and the nurture that is going on ~ nature, living creatures are so fantastic and always surprizing! 🙂 They look like Gurnsey (sp) cow and calf with their beautiful brown eyes. Mom’s rule! 🙂

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