My Feet Hurt


This is the view from the skyride at the Ohio State Fair. We spent 10.5 hours at the fair today. Whew! I love the fair so much! There is so much to see and do, and then some. Today my friend won 2 blue ribbons and a white one for cooking contests. We ate yummy food, rode rides, bought socks, shoes and fudge. (I wore inapproprite shoes even though I know better). We saw and petted lots of animals (a myriad of chickens, horses, & cows). The best part of the day was seeing a baby cow born. I have photos, and will post tomorrow. I am writing this on my phone, in my bed, by a fan, Olympics on, kids reading, and my feet are like throbbong cartoons. So if this looks weird, I apologize, its very different blogging on a phone, but I really would like to keep my streak of a daily post longer than a couple of days. More to come tomorrow!!

6 thoughts on “My Feet Hurt

  1. The fair looks like fun! I haven’t been to a fair in I don’t know how long ~ fond memories! Sounds like the heat has finally taken a dive ~ hoooray! Love the skyview 🙂 Birthing cows! wow!

    • Everything fun and true, except the heat is still here. There are a few places to take refuge at the fair, otherwise I might pass out!

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