A Study in Contrast

Two photos (each facing opposite directions) taken from a really great boardwalk/pier on the top of Hoover Reservoir in Galena, Ohio. The first one taken April, 2012, the second taken yesterday, August 2, 2012. The lack of rain has made the reservoir very low. The green on the right is grass! The bottom of the lake is hard enough to walk on. Well, I sank a little more than my kids, but still, it was cool! (figuratively.) I’ve been here several times, but only when the water is up. People usually fish from the pier (or boardwalk, I am not sure what the proper name is). When we saw this yesterday, I was so surprised! We walked around on what we called underwater.  It was really hot with no breeze, so we turned back after a short while. In April, the manmade nest viewable from the end of the pier had a pair of Ospreys making babies. (Well, making eggs that hatched babies). Below are: 1. The nest in April (sorry for the poor quality), 2. The nest in August, and 3. A close-up of the Ospreys homemaking in April. They were taking turns getting sticks (which at first I thought was a snake! haha) while the other tended the egg(s). Yea Nature!!!


3 thoughts on “A Study in Contrast

  1. Wow! Amazing how fast the grass grows and mother nature makes her changes or goes back to what was there prior to the dam! The Ospreys are so beautiful. I remember seeing them building their nest! I especially love the close ups! Very coolio!

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