Brand New Day

Here is a  butterfly emerging from its home, during the butterfly celebration at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Sorry though, I don’t know what kind it is. If you can see his face, it’s pretty darn cute. I wonder if he is thinking anything? All the chrysalises are as beautiful as gems! Those gold ones are actually metallic looking. I wonder what the purpose of that is? I would think it might attract predators, but perhaps it fools them somehow. I don’t know that either. The Conservatory releases butterflies every summer  for a few months in one of the gardens. It is really amazing! I do know that!

6 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. Butterflies! Amazing little creatures and so beneficial to our environment! The shine of the chrysalis might very well be to ward off birds kinda’ like the shiny metal things people put in their gardens to keep birds away from berries and such. Maybe? Anyhoo, great picture thanks! And the conservatory is truly a beautiful experience! 🙂

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