I Have a Spider (and know how to use it)

This spider makes a web in my driveway every sundown, and takes it down every sun up. Obviously some kind of orb weaver, I can’t find what specific kind exactly.  I have 3 other big spiders that make webs at night, but they are all garden spiders. Garden spiders are a frequent guest, but this one is unusual for my yard. Toe to toe it is bigger than a quarter. It is hard to take her picture. As I shine a flashlight on her, I use my camera on a tripod, but the slightest breeze makes it blur. Plus I am relying on manual focus. Similar in degree of difficulty to shooting the hummingbirds visiting my feeder. Forgive the silly title, it’s a spun reference (pun intended) to Fuzzbox. I loved that band. 

6 thoughts on “I Have a Spider (and know how to use it)

  1. Spiders! The work-horses of gardens! They are so beneficial to a healthy garden. Their webs are amazingly beautiful ~ especially in the morning when the dew sparkles on them. Hooray! Have spider ~ know how to use it! 🙂

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