Today’s Catch

This is from this morning. A quick storm rolled in, I hopped in my car, took some shots, got a coffee, headed north. I took some more shots, parked at the dam, sat in my car while the storm pounded on past.  Short and sweet, I then walked the dam, took more photos, but this is my favorite from the day. Today, so far, I am thankful seeing awesome clouds, lightning blasts, raindrops, seagulls, turkey vultures, goldfinches, swallows, splashing fish, ducks, heron, geese, butterflies, robins, grasshoppers,  playing dogs, hummingbirds, and…[I THINK, a kingfisher, perhaps?] Update: I am pretty sure it is a Green Heron, looking at my Audubon Bird Book. Here is his photo, as close as I could get. What Beauty!!! Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Catch

  1. Wow! What a day! The Kingfisher? is so beautiful and her feet! They look like they are pointed! The clouds! Ohio does get some amazing weather patterns. Very cool. xoxox

    • At first I thought it was because of it’s beak, but it is a Green Heron! Just gorgeous!!! Very different form the Blue Heron that we see a lot of. I hope to see more! Keep your eyes peeled! xox

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