This is looking over the Alum Creek dam, Delaware, Ohio. If you look closely, you can see the swallows zooming around. (I can find 13 swallows, and 1 pigeon). Those birds are fast! And super cute. I looked over the edge and they were a bunch sitting along a ledge all together, but they all took off when they saw me. Some were young, with a few fuzzy feathers left. They are so acrobatic, I wonder if they think it’s fun or just business as usual? As you can see, the cement on the dam had grown a colorful patina reminiscent of a really cool agate or jasper.  Usually there is a Blue Heron, or two, standing below, getting a choice selection of fish.

3 thoughts on “Symmetrical-ish

  1. The swallows here in SF swoop and dive and are a delight to watch. So fast. In the early evenings they are catching insects on the wing, as it were! Their nests are hidden in the cliffs and along the coast in the earth. Sometimes when I am lying in the grass they will swoop down very close almost to take my breath away. Amazing nature. 🙂 Thank you for the ‘picture’ 😉

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