Passion Flower

I have just spent over 15 hours the last 2 days pruning trees and weeding my garden. I am about to drop over. I might be tempted to show a before and after photo when I am done. But, sigh, I am not done. If I do everywhere in my yard & garden, I am not even close. I get to have this problem though. My dad used to say, “You know how you don’t have to pay any taxes?”


“Don’t earn any money.” So I use that philosophy frequently, on myself and others. Try it, it’s good, and way better than, “It could be worse.” That is just more negative. This way is a grateful, understanding way of realizing how fortunate I am. I am lucky in so many ways. Weeding a huge garden and paying taxes are just 2 of the benefits of my life!

By the way, I highly recommend a passion flower vine. I need to bring it in when the weather gets cold, but it grows like crazy and these really cool flowers that don’t seem real only last about 24 hours. It grows super fast and only needs a daily watering.


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