Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

At first I thought I wouldn’t post for this Challenge, as I normally take nature photos. But then, I thought about it, and duh, not only do I have a cool shot to play with (The Wexner Center shot on last Mother’s day May 2012), but I love to shoot the Alum Creek Dam as well. The top photo is a view along the east side of the Wexner Art Museum. It is a really cool modern museum, both inside and out. I am gladΒ we have it here in Columbus. Funny story: A few years ago we went to see a show that I loved! It was called Solitaire, and as we walked the long rising hallway to the main show, the docent told me I might not want to take my kids back there as there was nudity. Without even thinking, I announced proudly, “It’s ok, I’m an artist” and off we trotted to see some magnificent paintings. To me, the uptight attitude most Americans have regarding the human form only breeds problems. I could go on for a while about the fear and loathing of the human body, but I won’t. Anyway, the Wexner photo has been manipulated via Photoshop CS4, and I like it. The second is a shot of the Alum Creek Dam at night, slightly enhanced, and the 3rd is a shot of the tops of building also at the dam, where it looks like a control tower of sorts, controlling the dam, I assume.

So, Yea! for the Weekly Challenges, they are FUN!

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