Message from the Sun

The Sun says, “Smile, everything is as it should be.”

Why hit yourself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when you stop.

I had written a huge post about the problems of the world and all the political crap going on, but I was making myself crazy and going in circles, so I deleted it all. Ha ha, just suffice it to say, I like both the above statements. I am very thankful/grateful for my life, and I wish fairness and goodness and LOVE for all living things.  If we come from Love, there shouldn’t be a problem. I like this too: T-H-I-N-K: Before you speak (or post, or tweet,  or publish, or judge, or gossip, or attack, or demolish,  or kill, or conquer or whatever) is it True, Helpful, Inspiring (or Intelligent), Nice, &/or Kind? Now if I could only find an app for that….

P.S. the Moon says, “Hi”. 😉


4 thoughts on “Message from the Sun

    • Thank you very much! I try! These days it is hard sometimes. I read this morning, someone talking politics, ended with how they can’t wait until Thanksgiving, and I agree, “Pass the Gravy!”

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