Run Ruby Run

I love watching Ruby run!!! She just loves it and it is so fun to watch! Talk about a Free Spirit! Ruby is a Pointer Mix (German Short Haired x French Pointer). She is about 40 lbs, and almost 15 years old, almost deaf, separation anxiety, and a little goofy. My Dad used to call her the “Uncontrolled Missile”. Even though she has some arthritis, she will still run around beautifully when I take her out. I used to run her every day, but since she can’t hear me much, or chooses not to, I don’t so much any more. She won’t run away, but she will go on roads, up to people, in front of bikes, etc. She also does not know to take it easy, so she goes all out and then is sore for a few days. She still will play with Juni, our new, young, full of other issues, Beagle x Lab x Boxer rescue. But he runs AWAY, not looking back (I almost lost him twice and he is a rescue from 60 miles south of here. People looked for an owner for over a month, he probably ran there from California- ha ha, or was a stray- he has protective food issues, and gobbles down anything he can), so we go to a completely fenced in area to run around. This photo is Ruby running on the dam at Alum Creek State Park. Below is Mr. Juni (aka June Bug or Buggles). He is lucky he is so cute and soft and sweet MOST of the time. Ahhhh, the puppy make me appreciate the old dog. 😉

4 thoughts on “Run Ruby Run

  1. That is such a great picture of Ruby! I can feel her exhilaration and free spirit! And Juni, looking sooo sweet and then if he can run away run away run away!!! That did give me a total scare when it happened to me! hahaha! Very coolio!

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