Somewhere over the Rainbow

When the sun hits the crystals hanging in my window just right, the rainbow it creates hits the tap water as it flows out. One day, I was washing the dishes and my daughter noticed the rainbow in the water. “Hey Mom, you have a rainbow in the water.” Hmmm…. huh? As I look around in the dishes for a rainbow she says, “No, in the water coming out of the spigot.” Whoa! Cool! So, I stopped doing the dishes (boo hoo) and took a bunch of photos using different shutter speeds. Then I played with them and put these all together for one image. Pretty fun!

9 thoughts on “Somewhere over the Rainbow

  1. Gorgeous shots! I love the rainbow effects, and not just because of the Dark Side of the Moon/Pink Floyd connotations 😉 Thanks so much for checking out and following my blog, especially the post about my brother, “Tattoos and Suicide,” that is the most personal thing I’ve ever put out there publicly and I’m honored that you liked/read it. I’m following your blog as well now and looking around, loving what I’ve seen so far!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

    • Another thing in common- I have bouts of all Pink Floyd music all day long playing! I find it interesting that no one has ever come close to that kind of music. I can’t think of another band so unique.
      I am sorry about your brother, truly. It is curious he was so happy, and yet must have been so sad. Having been there, I wish he could have made it through that dark time. Sometimes those dark times have a grip very tight upon our hearts and thoughts. The pain you and you family, as well as your brother, experienced is very sad and heartbreaking. I am sure you miss him very much and wonder about a lot of things.
      Thank you for being so open and personal. Not many are brave enough to bare the inner thoughts, revealing such personal experiences. ❤

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