Weekly Challenge: Everyday Life

Here is Juni, looking all cute and innocent. Ugh, puppies. What was I thinking? So my version of this weeks challenge (Everyday Life) is a 2 parter. Juni, looking down on me is part one. I like it because it is clean and simple and funny, and in my opinion my kind of photo. Metaphorically speaking, it represents my everyday life of how my too many damn pets have me at their mercy. I am their slave. Most people would not put up with their crap. But, alas, I love them and will do my best to give them a good life. Part 2 (below) is the rest of my kitchen from the sofa (where Juni is laying and not supposed to be) and beyond, my hub, our life center, which is hard for me too keep clean. I decided to make this photo of the kitchen hub/total cluster as artistic as possible, so I used the Photoshop stained glass filter. Now it looks kind of like a cool funky abstract, and does not let the world know how much I abhor housekeeping, as well as being at its mercy as well!!!  😉 Ahhh… everyday life!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. They say…whoever they are?…anyway…The best mom’s have the stickiest floors..as well as artists and pet owners…Power to the mess!!!!!!!!

  2. Housekeeping is the bane of my existence! My small apartment is just that ~ small. I can’t imagine living in a large house! It is all I can do to get myself to clean this small space! At least I only have the one pet ~ kitty ~ who is diabetic and so takes extra care. That’s plenty for me!!! 🙂 Thanks for the pictures! Juni is so innocent looking and the “stained-glass” kitchen is fun! Yeay!!

    • Yes, but like the big purse syndrome…you just shove more sh** into it! haha!!! Perl went to MedVet again- ugh- got back yesterday. She seems to be doing better, now that I found the trick to getting her to eat: If Meimau ever has trouble eating (like Perl) try all meat baby food. Just make sure there are no onions or sodium. I mix it with the wet food and she gobbles it down. Maybe I get her to gain some weight? xox

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