Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary




This is what I see when looking up in my bedroom at the ceiling. I made this mobile recently. It is my first. I like it, but learned a lot making it. Now I also have some padded gloves, because my hands really hurt when I finished. Below it is a detail photo. After my kids leave to spend time with their dad, it is always weird. I feel like I should use the time to get things done that are so hard to do when they are here (anything that requires quiet and contemplation). But then on the other hand, I am a tad worn out, tired, sad, and need a re-grouping. Things almost seem in slow motion.  I miss my kids and feel introspective and sometimes lonely. So, I look up, around, watch tv, go take photos, miss them, miss my parents, think about life. I usually get way less done I thought I could while they are gone that needs the quiet and contemplation. Weird.

Here is my TV:

Here is a detail of my parents’  headstone:


Here is my favorite solitary game, Solitaire:

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