Say Goodbye to Sandals

No, this post is not about the impending winter coming up. The title is literal. This is a retelling of my adventure from a week ago tonight. (Footnote: I wanted to post this right away, but got “coincidentally” ill the following day after my first day of teaching art to preschoolers. This adventure was the night before teaching. Hence my recent absence here. Boo. Colds, who needs ’em?) Anyway, the evening was gorgeous!!!! Lovely clouds, a gentle breeze, gorgeous colors. I love walking in nature, there is so much to see. Birds, shells, rocks, water, sky…heaven. So after a beautiful evening I headed back to my car. The water now is still really low on the Hoover Reservoir, so the ground is usually underwater. Even though it has been this way a while, it’s a little muddy in some spots. The last place to cross is a water runoff from somewhere and its a tad more mushy then the rest of the area. As I stand there navigating the best place to leap, I choose a good-looking spot, jump a bit, set my foot down, and…… smuchk! Down goes my foot at least a foot into the mud. OMG! “Eek” escapes my mouth and 2 women fishing nearby ask if I am ok. I am laughing and muddy (having fallen down lens filter first, but still holding my rocks and feathers, ta da!) and got back up and told them I was ok. But the mud just totally swallowed my sandal. My favorite sandals! I think I have worn them almost everyday since spring. Crap. The hole filled up with muddy water. One woman came to help me find it. She had big boots on and tried to find it with a stick. No luck. It was like muddy quick sand. But, the universe has a good sense of humor and protects me always. About 20 feet away are a pair of giant muddy men’s sandals, left for dead. Saved from a rusty hook in the foot, I went to my car, shot a photo of the crescent moon, and drove home. I got the big “sniff down” from my dogs. I tossed the sandals, threw my pants in the washer and went to the tub to scrub the muck off my feet. (No easy task I will say).  Lessons learned: 1. Always wear appropriate footwear. 2. Be careful where you step. Yes, kids, there might be “quicksand” in Ohio. 3. Use Protection: A lens filter is always a good idea.  4. The Universe always has your back! The End. So, that’s my story. Sorry I was a week overdue! 😉

6 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Sandals

  1. Love the story and the pics! The title did sound like a weather alert ~ hahaha! But a better story was in store! The smelling nose at the end! LOL! And, I have had lessons on wearing the appropriate foot wear, too! Blisters and stubbed toes! 🙂 The Universe is totally there for us! Hooray! xoxox

    • Glad you liked it! You would have cracked up at the wipeout!
      I wore those same shoes to the fair too, had to buy some shoes while I was there on a marathon day. My feet killed me! Oh well, such a tragedy to have to buy shoes!! I will say though, that my BEST choice of bad footwear was in 6th grade to the 3 day camp. I wore my tennis shoes in the creek because I was embarrassed of my super dumb boots, so then they were so wet, I chose to wear my wooden Dr. Scholl’s on the obstacle couse. FUN!!! HAHAHAHA!

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