Foxy Lady

Well, I am not entirely sure she was female, but the title doesn’t work as “Foxy Male”. This morning I was sitting at my desk and my cat Sampson (orange and white) caught my eye. He was out of the deck looking down at something while holding a very odd posture, and I knew it wasn’t his nemesis cat Bert, because Bert was eating in the garage. Also, he had a different “I am going to get you” posture about him than when he is looking at Bert.  I go to see what it is…..and it’s a fox!!! Eating an apple I tossed back there. WOW! A RED FOX! “Kids, run downstairs, don’t scare the fox, but go look at the fox!” “MOM, We can’t move the stupid gate! Kick it! AHHHH!” “I got it! RUN!”  Then I grab my camera (it still has the damn USB cord in it attached to the computer, yank, tug, ugh, unplug! I, too, run downstairs, luckily the fox is still there. Sampson decides to go downstairs (outside) and I can see the fox looking at him.  Her head is turning as Sampson progresses. Samson keeps his distance, but I go to make sure he isn’t trying to get the fox. Then I come outside and the fox runs away. These aren’t the greatest Marty Stouffer-esque shots, but all I usually see is a red streak running into the woods, with nary a plugged in camera in reach!  A Foxy Lady indeed!

3 thoughts on “Foxy Lady

  1. A beauty for sure! We don’t see foxes around here in my neighborhood! How fortunate you and the kids saw this beautiful foxy lady! Indeedy do!!! Thank you so much for the view! xoxox

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