Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

My oh my! There are so many things that make me happy! I decided to go with something completely different (sarcasm font) and use some CLOUDS! Woo! Really, though, I am very excited about the new tiled galleries! I will say, though, I wish there was a button to check which specific one to use instead of changing the short code. But, that is ok, I love how WordPress has new, great innovations often!

So here goes: Clouds in circles! Woo!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. simply beautiful! I am so amazed how your part of the country has so many dramatic cloud formations! We, of course, have drama in our skies, however, these show so much more 🙂 Magnificent. xoxox

    • I can’t hazard a specific guess, but it is different here from how it used to be. I am sure it is connected to our global changes. It used to be boring and hazy from humidity most of the time here. I hope we can save our earth before it goes past the no return point. Do you see differences in your weather and environment in your area? It is definitely more extreme here. As a kid I didn’t wear sunscreen, now I can get burnt in 30 minutes. Maybe the clouds are acting as canaries, much like the frogs and other wildlife. Boo. 😦

  2. wow!!! when I first looked at your pictures they were in squares lined down the page. After commenting, I scrolled back up and viola! circles! and your pictures take on an entirely different emotion! truly fantastical! woo hoo!

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