Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG


My weekly challenge on Big is about a BIG adventure I had in 2010!

My very first trip to Big San Francisco consisted of:

  • Meeting my Birth Mom for the very first time (and Aunt and Uncle) YEA!
  • Seeing a fantastic Season Opening Night Symphony Concert gala featuring Lang Lang (a first)
  • Going up on Mt. Tamalpais for the first time (little scary eek)
  • Exploring the Sutro Bath ruins and visiting the Cliff House on the Pacific Ocean
  • Seeing Redwood Trees for the first time
  • Seeing a giant pile of Sea Lions for the first time
  • Learning a lot about myself and where I came from and who I want to be

It was a great trip and full of big things! I hope you enjoy all the BIG-ness too!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

  1. Big love to you! Can hardly wait to see you here in SF again! Another Big Adventure! xoxoxoxoxoxox!!! 🙂 Your pictures of our City and surrounding hills and mountains, Mt. Tam, are fantastic! Here’s to Big Love, Big Trees, Big Fog, Big Bridges, Big views!

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