Fly like an Eagle

For some reason, the Universe is sending me lots of birds. I will have to think on that for a while. Yesterday I saw this beautiful sunset with a bird in it. (I am thinking it’s from a couple of contrails). Two days ago I actually saw my first Bald Eagle in Ohio ever! My photo isn’t the best (Think Loch Ness Monster photo, but I have proof). I also have a new bird hole in the side of my house. Silly Woodpeckers. I am thinking of nailing up a bunch of bird houses on the side of my house. That would be funny and functional. Maybe a bat house too. Maybe just cover the side with tons of them…I wonder if they would use them instead of pecking. There are a gazillion trees, what is so great about the side of my house?

When I was little I used to sing the “Fly Like and Eagle” song to myself while swinging on the swings during recess at school. I thought they were saying, “How’s The People, Living in the street…” but I guess that make more sense than thinking  Billy Squire’s “Stroke Me” was “Stunt Man”. Oh, to be young. 


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