Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I love the color green! I love what it looks like, where we see it, what it stands for, all representations! Well, all versions, except I am a little conflicted over money. Is money in countries where their money is not green called another color? Hmmm……let me know if you know! Perhaps I am too green in that area! hahahah! Anyway, I am not blogging about the evils of the almighty dollar. Although, I will say, my biggest “pet peeve” aka trigger aka one of the most horribly offensive personality “traits” (although there are a few) is entitlement, not financial wealth. But that is a whole other story. We are here to praise the glories of GREEN! Go green go!

Again, I have missed my blog, but boy, what a week. I have triumphed though, and ready for more. Life’s little trials and tribulations sometimes take too much time away from all things fun and good. I did get to take some photos. But I spent a fair amount of time fighting fruit-flies, tending my son with the flu (boo!!!), tending my poor diabetic 9 lived kitty, and tending myself with a shoulder that only a GIANT shot of steroid could tackle. I will say, I am grateful for 2 working arms, the finding of a giant bag of rotten potatoes lurking in the dark, more time with my Perly kitty, and a feeling better sweetheart of a son! Woo! OH! And GREAT AWESOME NEWS! My daughter’s photo made it to the next round of district level competition! Heck yes!

And FYI: My gratitude led me to begin a slightly different venture (it’s still a blog) but if you feel so inclined please visit. It’s all about gratitude and being happy!!!! I just made it today, but I think it will be a good one. 😉 Happy Bea. 

CHEERS! Go Green!

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