In the Evening

This title makes me think of a couple of things.

It is now really easy to look up lyrics. I remember sitting with a pen and paper raising the arm on my turn table writing down my best guess of what the singers were singing. Sometimes I used the tape deck. Stop. Play. Stop. Rewind. Play…..etc. I did this mainly with Pink Floyd songs. I don’t recall trying Led Zeppelin, I guess I could either understand what Robert Plant was saying or not. No guessing. Looking up the lyrics of “In the Evening” just now, a song I have listened to so many times it would be silly to even guess how many times (How many more times….). Other than the first line, and the chorus, I had no idea what he was saying in this song. I think I have admitted here before to thinking Billy Squire was saying “Stunt Man” instead of stroke me. I think my favorite memory is of my best friend and I in my basement trying to figure out some AC/DC lyrics from a song we had recorded on the radio. In case you didn’t know, the song goes, “Dirty Deeds in the Jungle Jeep” Yeah. Not really. But that is funny. Which makes me have to go look up Elton John’s song, “Benny and the Jet’s”. OK, I am back. That was eye-opening. I had NO idea what he was saying. I thought Benny was a guy, something about space as well. That song is about a Girl band in the glam 70’s with electric boots and a mohair suit. Jeesh, I should start looking up more lyrics. Too funny!

Oh, yeah, the other thing. It’s a pet peeve when people (Well, I only know one particular person who does it just to be a pain in the rear because he doesn’t love himself enough) use afternoon or evening as a specific time. I love those words: afternoon & evening. Truly! They conjure up picturesque images of tea or wine, always some feet propped up, birds and insects flitting around. The sky always magnificent. But to use them as a time? No, I don’t think so. “When will you pick up the pizza? In the evening”. “For what time would you like your hair appointment?” “I will be there in the afternoon.” Nope, that does not work for me.


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