Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I truly believe it is alway good to be Thankful! I know I am thankful for quite a lot!

Today is a gorgeous day here in Columbus, Ohio! Sunny, clear and 52*F right now. It is supposed to go up at least 10 more degrees!

So far today we have enjoyed a video, let the dogs have a romp, and had breakfast. Soon we will be going to eat. I wish I had room for all the delicious food we will soon be blessed with. The kids are playing a fun video game, and the dogs are resting. It was fun watching them run around. Especially Ruby who will be 15 next week. She always has loved running, now she is a bit arthritic, but she didn’t seem to mind. She even did some fast, silly circles right in front of me, smiling all the way!

We are truly blessed! I hope you enjoy this sunset from the 19th, 3 days ago. It was absolutely breathtaking! I am fortunate to share it! In case it is hard to see, the stuff on the lake is a group of seagulls looking for food. It is so shallow right there they can stand. I thought about photoshopping them out, but opted for leaving them in.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Love to all~~~!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. What a wonderful picture! It looks like Thanksgiving and fall! As it should, hahaha! I like that you kept the sea gulls in! A little groups of hungry gulls! The colors are incredible. Orange/pink against the blues. Very nice! 🙂 Enjoy your Thanksgiving and a big thank you for your photos and thoughts! xoxox

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