This Too Shall Pass

We had some serious cirrocumulus clouds the other day. They were moving fast! My dog Juni couldn’t understand why we interrupted potty time to run in and grab the camera. Some spots looked like herringbone, some like fingerprints. They blew by in a matter of minutes. The trees around my house continue to be in the way. Maybe I should build a widow’s walk on my roof. How cool would that be?!

As all things do, good and bad, they pass. I guess the trick is to enjoy the good ones and wait for the bad ones to pass. Because, thankfully, they always do!


3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Very coolio! Love the clouds and the walk-way sounds great! Widow’s walk ~ new one for me! And, finally, yes, the downers pass by, greatfully, although sometimes not fast enough! hahaha! The good times make up for those dark places! Cheers and happy cloud watching! 🙂 xoxoxox

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