The Nature of the Orchid

orchidI bought this fantastic Orchid the other day. Isn’t it pretty? Orchids are very interesting plants. They seem to be a tad high maintenance as houseplants, yet seem to flourish in the wild. Nature is so cool. Here the sun was shining in and backlighting the blooms. The tag and logo on the plant are cool too. “Colorchids. Orchid care made easy with the SimpleShot™ Glass. One full shot, once a week, warm water only.” (Of course this does not take into account it is dry and chilly in my house…….where right now medium sunlight means cold window chill. Hmm. I will do my best. The people at the store told me that Orchids are actually an air-plant and do well with perforated pots so the roots can get air. Maybe they should sell them with perforated pots. To be a good Orchid Mommy I need to go search one out. For more info on Colorchid:


4 thoughts on “The Nature of the Orchid

  1. Beautiful! Orchids are funny plants ~ some grow really well in my place and some just kinda exist with leaves and no flowers 😦 One of the ladies at the Symphony has Orchids on her desk that is located near huge windows. She soaks them in water once a week and these plants love it! They just keep blooming! Amazing 🙂 Good luck with your Orchid and thanks for the beautiful picture!

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