Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate (part 2)

So many beautiful things are delicate. This afternoon, my kids and I enjoyed “The Nutcracker” Ballet at the beautiful Ohio Theatre. The Ballerina who was the Sugarplum fairy danced very delicately. It was quite elegant and sweet. Ballet choreography uses so much control, unlike many other styles of dance.

I wanted to show three more photos in the Delicate challenge. The underneath of a found mushroom at Alum Creek, 2 wet dandelions in my front yard, and a foggy day in San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate (part 2)

  1. The Nutcracker!!! So fun! and Ballet is total control. In my youth, I took Ballet up until “toe” and then my mom said I’d get big thighs and my toes would hurt, bleed. She talked me out of it! Anyway, the Nutcracker is really such a tradition here in SF and I suppose everywhere! Love your pictures of the delicates! Just this last Thursday while working in a client’s garden I found a large mushroom and took pictures of the delicate gills usually hidden under the cap! So beautiful. Thank you for the pictures and experiences! Cheers! Love You! xoxox

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