More than Reasonably Clever

We 3 in LegoI wanted to share what I got for silly fun! Artist Christopher Doyle has a website called and you can design your own lego figure!!!! How fun is that?!? With shipping we got all three for $20.37. And it came with-in days. This includes all you see (except the glasses, I photoshopped those in). That is a camera I am holding! And a pink coffee mug! Angelo has a light saber and a ray gun, Olivia has a popsicle and a doggie. In my opinion, it is much too fun not to share. (FYI: In case this seems too “ad-like”, I have not been hacked, Mr. Doyle has no idea I am telling you this.) He also has a lot more fun stuff on his site that I want to check out. I found him by googling “make your own lego person” because I had a wild hair that I wanted to make us as legos. So, instead of doing chore, I made mini-us’! Ha! My kids love legos, and through their enthusiasm, now I do too. 😉 Again, thank you Mr. Doyle for your great idea and great service! FUN!

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