Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

sunset panorama 1.11.13This week’s photo challenge inspired me to create a panorama (by sandwiching 3 shots together) of last night’s most breathtaking sunset. I am so happy to share this today. In the last 36 hours I took 1154 photos. It has been a whirlwind of weather. Yesterday it started with some turbulent storms coming through at a very fast pace. At one point I even had to stand as though I was bracing myself on a surfboard the wind was blowing so hard. Then last evening the sky was just so gorgeous. As though that wasn’t enough, this morning we were treated to some serious fog and a pink sunrise to the east, making the fog glow pink. But I thought of all the great shots, I decided last night’s sky was the winner. My panorama isn’t perfect, if you look closely there are some lines that delineate the 3 panels. It is no secret I love clouds, especially when they are illuminated by the sun setting. I think though that there will at least be a part 2 to this weeks challenge….stay tuned!

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