brrI am feeling cold as I sit here editing photos at my desk. Right now it is 10.2*F outside, with wind chill it feels like 4. It is supposed to get a little colder. The record low for Columbus, Ohio is -21*F set back in 1985.  I wonder what I was doing? I was a senior in high school, and I know I was too cool to dress with intelligence and wore a jean jacket and no socks with my shoes. I don’t recall being cold. Maybe my blood is thinning, ha ha! The coldest I experienced (first hand, I actually delivered 100 newspapers that day and I clearly remember it, it was almost surreal). I lived in Minneapolis. (I found out how to dress properly for cold weather after I moved there). I still have my -40* Sorel boots. We hit the record of -35* in town (-85* windchill) and up north it was actually -60*F! I got icicles on my eyelashes. My eyes were the only thing exposed and my breath would rise and create mist that would cling and freeze to my face. It almost felt like your nostrils burnt when you inhaled. The snow was extra loud and crunchy. The light glow around the streetlights was crystalized. It was dead silent outside. My car actually started and I never had the plug-in heater things people use up there. My black lab (who was my best friend for 15 years) Frida stayed warm in the car while I would distribute an armful of papers then circle back for more. I remember seeing a bunny. And the cat looking though the curtains and the house with the schnauzer that I could never make it away from without him barking. Must have been the loud crunching of the snow. I still have the newspaper somewhere. It has a huge “-60” on the front page. That was in February 1996. The weather was way more exciting up there than here in Columbus, Ohio. I only lived there from 1991-1996, but it was GREAT!! I think it made me really realize there was a force greater than myself. Halloween weekend I had lived there about a month. The Twins had just won the World Series, and then poof! 3 feet of snow over Halloween weekend. Then 2 more feet at Thanksgiving, and 3 more feet at Christmas. More snow than I had seen ever, even if you added it all together it wouldn’t be close to that amount. It didn’t melt till late spring. I miss the beauty of Minnesota. I see beauty everywhere no matter where I am, but there is something special about Minnesota. I do not miss the mosquitoes. We have them here anyway, if I ever do.


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