Fallstreak Feather Fun

Fallstreak Feather Fallstreak Feather and friends flying past, the fallstreak featherLast Saturday, we took a little car trip north-west to see what we could see. Destination Indian Lake. We stopped at a Metro Park along the way (Glacier Ridge) and then to the Highest Point in Ohio. That was pretty nifty, although very modest. But, it had a brick box (kind of like a mail box with drawers) that had a guest registry and certificates of visitation. Too cute! Then we drove on and checked out all around Indian Lake. It was fun recognizing some Indian names my daughter is studying in 4th grade social studies. We ate in the car, picnic style. I forgot a knife, so I had to spread the peanut butter and jelly with my pocket knife! Ha ha! Whoops! But that is what makes the great memories. (I know I would never remember the time my family and I went on an impromptu “picnic” one summer when I was little if it weren’t for the fact that Kentucky Friend Chicken gave us no utensils with our to-go order. Eating mashed potatoes and gravy with fingers in the park was hilarious and very memorable!) Then, at the almost end of our very cloudless and windy day, in rolled the clouds!!!!! There were so many different types a clouds, it was such a glorious gift! So, I froze my fingers, my kids waited so patiently in the car, and I received a gorgeous grand finale to a very fun day!

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