Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Happy HermitsFor some deep, subconscious reason, it was really hard to come up with a “home” photo. Could it be because I am such a homebody, in my cluttery, messy, colorful abode…? Or something even deeper? After much, or not that much, thinking about it, trying to make lame photos look good, I decided on using my all-new awesome hermit crab terrarium. I had to re-do their home because one of them molted! And had nowhere to go. Information that is good to know (ahead of time). Hermit crabs need to bury themselves and eat their discarded shell and all kind of really cool stuff. But until the day when I first thought one of my little guys had died (ignorance is NOT bliss, it is not good or helpful at all) did I know any of this. I have 4 hermit crabs. Brought home from the seashore in the little kit. La la la… they have done well, or so I thought. Anyway, now they have a new and appropriate home. Minutes after fixing their substrate I put them in there and within a very short time 2 of them buried themselves. The molted one seems to be doing well and eating stuff. And then one seems to be chillin’. All I can say is I think they are happy to have a better home than they did before.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Coolio! Home bodies and home home on the range or hometown ~ hmmmm 🙂 Kinda like home away from home. Like the new home for the hermit crabs which gives a new meaning to hermits 🙂 Great googlies! Who knew they eat their homes?! Coolio! xoxoxox

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