wood on a beach


I love this photo of fallen wood. Wood is beautiful in all it’s forms. There is life there even after the plant has died. I love how many colors and textures and shapes are on this, contrasting with the snow and ice. It is too pretty not to share. If you have a better title for this than I, please let me know. A good one is not coming to me. Maybe because I have the wood-chuck rhyme stuck in my head.

6 thoughts on “Drift…ing

  1. Drift …. ing ~ perfect description! Driftwood here on the Pacific is just that ~ drift … ing! It comes in from maybe next door or from across the Pacific Ocean! Japanese stuff is coming from the Tsunami mostly to Oregon as that is the course of the water. Your picture conjures up so much. Thank you for another beautiful and insightful picture and words. xoxoxox

    • I also heard on NPR that a ton of crap from the Tsunami is washing up on Alaska’s shorelines, hard to reach places. Unfortunately lots of little balls of styrofoam. Terrible. Although, the Tsunami was terrible all the way around. ;-(

    • Well, it is all relative!!! 40 seems warm after a long winter and freezing after a hot summer….! You can still see so much beauty where you are, no matter the weather. Unless of course, it is smothered by fog! 😉

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