Abstract Attack

I love these. I think shown as a group they would look fantastic. That is all for now! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

If anyone wants to know what it is that I shot to create these abstract photos, just say the word and I will tell. I just didn’t want to take away from the beauty by adding unnecessary information cluttering the mind and heart.

2 thoughts on “Abstract Attack

  1. i could come up with guesses, but … you didn’t use a microscope, did you? kaleidoscopes? na a aah. um, stained glass? … that wouldn’t cover the upper left image, with the protrusions … you aren’t torturing FRUIT, are you?

    • I took out of focus photos of an orange glass bowl sitting on a polka dotted chair in the sunshine. It made beautiful colors! I give full credit to the orage glass bowl. It is so beautiful and colorful!

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