The Subject at Hand

my museHere is an in-focus photo of my muse for my abstract photos recently posted. This beautiful orange glass bowl was a gift from a dear friend who was moving and loves collecting things even more than I do. I do not know of its history, but it is fantastic! And, ha ha, it is sitting on a polka-dotted chair that I bought for a couple of dollars from my neighbors when they were moving. I hope I didn’t ruin the mystery too much! I just heard from another dear friend how much he appreciated the out of focus photos and it really made him understand why he liked his out of focus photos even though his critics questioned their existence. Quoting this friend, “One man’s weed, another man’s flower!”

“I get by with a little help from my friends!” ~ the Beatles

4 thoughts on “The Subject at Hand

  1. tho’ you explained “the mystery” before (in a response to my HUH?? what’s this??) — it still is mysterious. like a mini-portal to another dye-mentschun …

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