Night and Day

11:30pm March 5th, 2013 8:00am March 6th, 2013We had a beautiful snowstorm last night. It started coming down around 9pm or so and was snowing at a hard and steady pace. Almost like rain coming down in snow form, if that makes sense. As such, it was very wet snow, and the weight of it was making tree limbs bend. In my front yard, half of my 13-year-old Rose of Sharon snapped at the bottom and my baby pine trees hung all the way down. Everything  but the Rose of Sharon sprang back up after I knocked the snow off this morning, with a lacrosse stick. Both last night and this morning were so pretty! In a few days it is supposed to be 55* and all of the snow will be gone. This could be the last of the season. I wonder if the deer like it, or if they prefer some other weather? I know the kids like it, as today is a snow day.


4 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. A winter wonderland! I bet the deer like the snow. There is a You Tube video of horses playing in snow and rolling around, kicking up their heels! this is so beautiful. We have to travel a couple of hours to the mountains, usually, to see snow like that. Rarely do we get snow that stays on the ground and then it is only one day! Thank you for the beauty! 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. you may have already told me, you’re in gnu Eenglund? seein’ as how da schnow wuzz heddid that way.
    I think the deer like it (snow) when it’s not a lot and edible stuff is still accessible. our huskey dawg likes to roll in it! pix taken from your house?

    • I am in central Ohio. This is the view out the back of my house, but the rear neighbors property. All the beauty and none of the maintenance. It never gets so deep here that there is no food. Plus, I throw stuff out there for all the fuzzy creatures passing by. Dogs seem so love snow and get all squirrely about it! I know mine do!

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