Spring Forward

Spring ForwardMy Grandfather used to make us change his clocks for daylight savings a week ahead of time for him. He worried that he was going to miss something if we waited until the correct day. This was no easy task because he lived 100 miles away from us. He would also argue that it was “Spring Back & Fall Forward”, and while this was quite humorous to my father and I, there was no convincing him otherwise. My Grandpa was not the brightest bulb in the box. On the other hand, my Grandma was. She was very savvy in many ways, and worked for many years at Wright Patterson AirForce Base. The two of them could not have been more opposite, yet they loved each other dearly. My Dad and I always wondered how she could stand him. His personality: argumentative, stubborn, and intelligence (or lack there-of) could be very, very, maddening. They were married over 70 years. I will say that my Grandpa had a beautiful smile, was always impeccably dressed (he even wore his suit in the hospital) and worked very hard. I have fond memories of him riding the mower (in his suit of course) on their beautiful 3 acre yard. I miss the days of Grandma’s wonderful cooking, playing Euchre, and just passing the time at their house, the house that smelled like mothballs and nothing was ever out-of-place. They were of a different era. I wish I had just a little of my Grandmother in me. At least there is some in my heart. Funny how memories kind of travel along in a weird train of thought. Glad the up coming time change brought up such memories. Maybe I should change just one clock today in honor of my Grandparents?  I wouldn’t want to miss something.


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