The Line of Demarcation

icy sunsetToday was so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Although this sunset is from Valentines day. I didn’t go take sunset photos today because there are no clouds at all, and rush hour traffic coincides with the current sun setting time. So, I am just enjoying it here at home and thought I would share a cool photo from a couple of weeks ago. I will say, that I am not looking forward to hot, muggy, smothering summer weather, but I am excited to open my windows, not wear a big ol’ coat, and being free of the constraints of school. I am also looking forward to gardening, and I am planning on doing this magnificent gardening BEFORE it is 95*, 90% humidity  with a wall of death mosquitoes. Then, hopefully I will not be spending the end of summer embarrassed about my weeds. I already have 10 bags of mulch ready to go! Does it matter they have been sitting on my driveway since last July?


2 thoughts on “The Line of Demarcation

  1. Oh my goodness! That is totally beautiful and striking! Thank you for this lovely view of the sunset, clouds and water! I love the reflections! The colors are so vivid! Cheers! xoxoxox

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