Sleepy Sunny Sunday

nature pond goose ripples science projectAnother beautiful day in good ol’ Columbus, Ohio! We got up early (yes, even losing an hour) to take some sunrise photos. There were some nice cloud formations and some exciting goose moments. The red-headed duck I saw yesterday was still hanging out, and his friends (who don’t match) came back (they had left yesterday and he stayed with the geese). The third photo does not belong, but I included it because it is fun. And the sweeping curves are similar, maybe tying them all together in some esoteric kind of way (?) ~~~~ green bubbles forming on an egg in colored vinegar for a science project. Enjoy this lovely day! I hope yours is a nice as mine. I even have all my windows open!!!

red and friends landing speed!


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunny Sunday

  1. is THAT what the green circular thing is? mysterious!
    we’ve got a boring assortment of dux at our pond, mostly mallards but with some little black “poink” ones.
    what is the extended (flapping) photo bird or goose doing? taking off?

    • Science project: Keep a hard boiled egg in vinegar 3 days, wash it off and it bounces. Ha!

      The flapping bird is a Canadian Goose landing. Pretty neat in slow motion. Too bad I didn’t have a zoom lens.

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