Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

coming in with a friend woodpeckerThese are taken with my regular DSLR. These birds are all eating from feeders on my deck. Even though I try to stalk these birds, much like I did with last summer’s hummingbirds, it is really difficult to get a good shot. Backlit and suspicious to every move, these guys make me appreciate bird photographers more than ever! I suppose I need to hide somehow, but even then the sound of the shutter is so loud they would be spooked after one shot. Yesterday there were 2 Turkey Vultures eating and quarreling over a dead squirrel behind my house, but they were not in a spot I could get even a crappy shot. So I spied on them with binoculars. Happy lunching!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

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  2. Hi Christie The 29th Bee!
    Thanks for the like of my Future Tense. Love your sky pics above. If you go back a few blogs on my site you will see very nice pics from Christmas back in Ireland with some really nice evening and morning sky shots. In my humble opinion anyway! Regards.

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