Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOR

jelly 3 2 jellies jelly 1 water "color"Last week was Spring Break. I visited Cincinnati, Ohio, with my kids for a few days, and it was really fun! And colorful! I am going to do last week’s photo challenge, A Day in My Life using photos from our trip. But, this was too perfect to wait any longer. I LOVE colors, all day, everyday!!! The jellyfish were hard to shoot as usual, but the aquarium was super crowded and made it even harder. The water image is from a giant reflecting pool that has an abstract image painted on the bottom. It is in a park on the hill near the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is also super fantastic by the way. But more on that later when I do last week’s challenge. Soon.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOR

    • I liked it. Not as big, but not as expensive either, as the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Easy to get to! I hope you like it. But don’t waste your time watching “The Penguins on Parade” in the lobby. There are just 3 African Penguins in Tubes in a cart that is pulled right by you. Cute, but silly. The sharks and the otters were great! As is the whole penguin world, downstairs.

  1. especially the top (1st) jellyfish photo is somewhat unreal — in that the photo seems “enhanced” somehow — and you “do” the water-ripple reflecting pool very well, also.

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