First Storm 2013

Yesterday was the first real storm of the season. Lightning and Thunder rolling off and on throughout of the day. I kept debating about heading out or not. As the day ended it was getting exciting and we decided to see what we could see. North of us was dark and dramatic. As we headed to the edge, the storm shifted southward, and before we knew it we were in a downpour that was no longer beautiful, just gray and very wet. Here are the photos from the short but exciting first storm chase of the season!

20 thoughts on “First Storm 2013

      • 🙂 perhaps you are right. Definitely on the strange things! I think it’s a good turbulence, old stuff being shaken up a bit, need some fresh air in those dusty old corners of the human created world, me think!

      • I totally agree with that. The changes for the better are good. Enough with the “Who cares if it kills everyone and everything? We only care about money” philosophy!

      • I just got this sense of a big wake up call to honesty is happening. Honesty might be tough, but it leaves one with true choices and it’s a catharsis for the one who reach a place of fierce honesty with themselves and with the world… honesty is the end of games and hidden agendas…

      • Very true. Hard for many people, probably myself included to a certain extent. But I try to do my best, and then add to that. Energy follows Intention, after all.

  1. you are XXperience some sustainted turbulent transitional weather there!
    (hopefully not as dismal as the town where i work (Rifle), 60 miles from home, had a blizzard hovering over it (& seemingly nowhere else) for a couple daze earlier this week!)

      • That is too bad. We had a fair amount of snow this winter, none last year at all. Last year’s winter was so mild, I had dried up weird sink holes in my back yard and of course, massive insect problems, especially mosquitoes. I hope this year is better for them.

  2. if one just looks at the past week here, you’d think we’re almost like portland (OR) or the soggy foggy NorthEast. i do like it (more) when what you’d regard as normal seasonal weather is mixed up to the point where you could have a fall or spring day anything during the 12 months.

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