Stormy Weather

Not much rain came, but I enjoyed some beautiful clouds the other day. Same day as my Nessie sighting. I am pretty sure the wavy, poodle hair looking clouds are Undulatus Asperatus. Much like identifying birds, it is hard to tell the different clouds apart. Especially when height is a factor. Plus there can be many all together. I am sure technically there are many different kinds that are identifiable in these photos. Did you know there are over 40 different kinds of sparrows? And they all kind of look alike, and birds can differ seasonally, male to female, etc. I can tell you if a bird is a sparrow, but which kind…hmmm. I have several bird field guides, but still won’t be able to say 100% what is what. I will leave that to the experts. I am a little better at some of the clouds. And I am pretty sure most of these wavy ones are the Asperatus. But, I will admit when I am mistaken, and I do not claim to have a PHD in Cloud, so forgive me (and correct me) if I am wrong. I still love them, whatever they are!

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