I submitted these 5 photos to the Ohio State Fair’s Fine Art Competition this morning. Deadline, tomorrow. I had a painting there last year. It was fun. Although most of the art was really good, there were some real stinkers, in my opinion. Oh well. We can’t make everyone happy. It was really hard to decide what to choose. Clouds, landscape, brooding moody art statement making heavy stuff, clever, humorous, weird… who knows??? I felt like I was trying to choose a pick 6 at the horse races. So, I think I went with my intuition. I had 5 chosen the other day, but they were random, doable, maybe fine. Maybe they were winners. Maybe I could have the pick 6 (5, really since there are only 5 photos)? I have no PPs to look at, no odds, nothing. Just me and my gazillion photos to look at. I felt like I was over thinking it. In horse racing, sometimes I win. When are intuition and guessing the same? Sometimes you just have to place the bet. In case you are curious, these photos are macro shots of parts of different paintings I did. Acrylic paint on acrylic sheet, watercolor on paper. I like them. I sometimes paint like this to see where the paint goes, what it does with little guidance. It is small or large, close or far away? What do you see in there? The idea that we are all connected, literally and figuratively by light and energy and spirit. That what is small is big and so forth. That is what these represent. And they are cool. I will let you know if any get accepted. Now I have to go and make 10 bean bags. Maybe I will sew them tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Submission

  1. Incredible pieces and best wishes in hearing great news! Your work is awesome, from colors to the flow and depth of your pieces.

    • Thank you! Only “Country Calm” was accepted. I wish they would give a recap of why pieces were not chosen. Oh well. I will not worry about that! I am grateful to have 1 accepted!

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