Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (Clouds, Water and Yarn)

My oh my, the end of the school year is crazy busy. I won’t complain (too much) but it does not help when one is trying to pick up the slack that is no fault of ones’ own. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the field trips, lunch composting and recycling program, art classes and art projects, school parties and celebrations. But I am ready for Thursday, the last day of school, to be over. Note: If you have no intention of being a leader and classroom parent, do not sign up. It really isn’t a fair thing to do to all the people who do care, especially the kids.

Anyway- back to the catching up of photos! Clouds, clouds, patterned clouds, and some yarn. 😉  I LOVE clouds!!!!!

PS. My apologies for not editing out all the crap that has accumulated in my camera body and lenses. Jeesh. I will clean and replace AFTER this Thursday. I need to get those things cleaned, but I can’t bear the absence of my equipment.

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