Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Some of these photos are older. The 5 mph photo, I have posted before, and is from 2006 (as is the hilarious porn shop sign I saw while driving in Atlantic City. When was this woman ever enticing, and to whom? She looks like a bored, worn, phone solicitor from the 70’s.)  Most are more recent than that. I do love the warning signs. Maybe they need to be more graphic for people to believe them. “Here is what your dead, bloody body will look like if you stand here, that is if it is recovered…” People do dumb stuff. Maybe they think they are invincible. People tease me because I am so careful. I don’t feel I am missing out because I haven’t been injured or worse. Oh well. Survival of the fittest. Or in the case of humans, survival of the smartest? I am not sure.  I took the “Git-R-On” photo yesterday up at Alum Creek at one of the boat ramps. Whose idea was that? What were the unused ideas? I thought it was an Ohio thing at first, but the sign says the US Army Corp of Engineers, funded by the National Water Safety Congress with the US Coast Guard etc. Apparently they like Larry the Cable Guy a lot.  My oh my.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. Great collection! I personally like the imagery of the gate closing on the stick figure. For some reason it just seems so ridiculous.

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  4. good that you have the ever-questioning perceptive eye. we like weird signs too, and the few times we’ve been through “disappointment valley” we cannot resist NOT stopping, taking pixures of ourselves looking, well, disappointed.

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