Testing testing

I broke down and decided to go back to the dark side and get a smart phone. I am creating this post on said phone. Fyi: Virgin Mobile has awesome phone plans. Anyway, I am testing out the WordPress app with a photo of me  in front of my fair art. It won the Peggy R McConnell art award. Not sure of any reasoning behind the award. But it is thrilling to win it!!!! Now to find how to add the photo…


O.k. there it is. We spent the day at the fair yesterday. I got my face sunburnt. Ow. Here is some of the fair fun:







Fun! Well, this app is easy and fun to use. Heading back to the fair today. Wearing a damn hat and sunscreen. Woo!

6 thoughts on “Testing testing

  1. Great photographs of the fair, but better yet is the news you won an award! Congratulations, very nice to read – you have beautiful work.

  2. Great fun pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Goats with jackets! Must be cozy for them. The seals look like they’re laughing. The sleeping group of piggies is so cute. And your award! Beautiful artwork and wonderful you are being recognized for it! Congrats!!! I will look into the app you are talking about sounds like it might be good to have. Cheers and love to you! xoxoxox

    • Thank you! Sorry you had to miss it. It is actually not blazing hot for the first time I can remember!! The animals wearing jackets are freshly shorn sheep. I love how they were hugging, like a yin yang in a way. And yes, the WordPress app is free! You would like it I am sure!

  3. darn! (tho’ goodly news on art winnings) another smartphonafffixionado/ess. jes’ kidding, maybe.

    it probably is that i am increasing so “out of it” re: the technology sweeping seemingly everybody up …

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