2 thoughts on “green rectangle

  1. Love the pictures of flying over the good ‘ole U S of A! The green bits are from irrigation and the lines are roads. That is what I have been told, anyway 🙂 I like the meandering water lines. Looks like a convergence or delta of some kind. Evidently, there is a way iphone owners can find out what is outside the airplane window! Ask Siri. I guess from the GPS on the phone. On Jet Blue they have those TVs in the back of the seats and you can switch to the channel that tells you just where you are! Pretty coolio! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! xoxoxox

  2. Who knew??? Not me! And how fun, Olivia and Angelo talk about Siri. Clearly this is something I need to investigate. I guess I need to catch up with the times. Although that would mean I need to get an iphone or ipad. Oh well. I can’t see that happening anytime soon. I will have to ride on a Jet Blue and see that too, how fun! I had a reader say those are a river delta, and the green shapes are irrigated areas. Do you think Siri can help me organize my house, or maybe weed my garden? 😉

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